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Web Hosting Ninja

Profile Description

Web Hosting Ninja blog is a one-stop destination to all your web hosting related queries. Websites are inevitable for businesses, big or small to survive in today’s digital world. Hosting a website is a tedious task that requires constant monitoring and frequent updates. Given its technical complexity, certainly there would be a lot of queries amongst both engineers and site owners. Whether to go for a cloud hosting or a dedicated server hosting, what are the different types of web hosting are few of the most important questions a beginner to web hosting will have. Web Hosting Ninja aims to provide detailed answers to these trivial questions in the form of a regularly updated archive of articles. The blog is divided into three categories namely cloud, dedicated and useful tips. While the cloud section mainly has articles covering concepts like web hosting on a cloud environment using shared or virtual private servers, the dedicated section has many articles on hosting a website on a dedicated server and the advantages of hosting a website on dedicated servers. The blog provides a detailed comparison of both cloud and dedicated types of web hosting by providing detailed explanation of both the types with relevant examples and tips. Web Hosting Ninja also clarifies a lot of doubts that beginners would normally have about the tedious process of web hosting and management. For details, visit http://webhostingninja.net/ and http://webhostingninja.net/category/useful-tips/

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